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EZ Stand-N-Go Heavy Duty

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The EZ Stand-N-Go HD is one of the strongest and low-profile ways to get up from your favorite sofa, recliner, love seat, or couch.  View more

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A sturdy way to stand on your own!


The EZ Stand-N-Go HD is one of the strongest and low-profile ways to get up from your favorite sofa, recliner, love seat, or couch. The handles provide a solid foundation upon which you can boost yourself up out of a plush couch or recliner. Its innovative design allows it to fit on most makes and models of chairs, and adjusts around or beneath the couch cushions without being noticeable while sitting. Use the dual support handles for leverage and support to get up from and out of your favorite chair, couch, or recliner. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a new lift chair. The EZ Stand-N-Go HD gives you the option of keeping your favorite chair while maintaining your independence. The dual support handles make it easy to get yourself up off your chair and can support up to 400 lbs. The cushioned handles and legs can easily be adjusted in height to fit both your chair and your personal preference. Some chairs, recliners, and couches require the product frame to be placed around the cushion.Other chairs will allow the product frame to be placed underneath the cushion. Maintain your independence and save yourself some money with the EZ Stand-N-Go HD.


Product Dimensions & Weight

Prod Spec Prod Spec Value
Product Height 22" - 32"
Product Width 19" - 26"
Product Length 23" - 26"
Product Weight 8.5 lbs
Product Weight Capacity 400 lbs
Tube Diameter 1"

Package Dimensions & Weight

Prod Spec Prod Spec Value
Package Height 12.5"
Package Width 5.5"
Package Length 21"
Package Weight 9.5 lbs
Case Height 21.25"
Case Width 12.5"
Case Length 25.5"
Case Weight 48.5 lbs
  • Reinforced powder coated steel that supports up to 400 lbs
  • Added safety when standing from couches or chairs
  • Dual support cushion handles for added stability
  • Universal fit either on top of or between cushions
  • Fully adjustable in height, width, and length

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