Innovative Products Unlimited :: Shower Bench

Shower Bench

A solid and sturdy bath bench.  This bench is the safest bath bench on the market.  Durable ABS seat plate and non-slip rubber leg tips.  Available in custom height specifications to meet individual needs.

Innovative Products Unlimited :: Toilet Safety Frame

Toilet Safety Frame

The versatile toilet safety frame can function as toilet side rails, a raised toilet seat, a shower stool, or a commode. This product adjusts to 7 different seat heights.  Safe and sturdy construction with non-slip rubber leg tips.  Easily ...

Innovative Products Unlimited :: Elite Shower Chair Commode with Slideout Footrest

Elite Shower Chair Commode with Slideout Footrest

A virtually indestructible blow molded plastic seat and backrest.  This commode has an open-front seat and U-shaped opening in the frame allowing easy access for bathing and toileting care. The snap-on seat design offers unmatched comfort and ...