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MicrobeSafety Mask

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MicrobeSafety Mask™ Features• Fully treated with MicrobeCare™• Demonstrated antimicrobial effectiveness for up to 1 year• Hand washable and reusable, eliminating single use waste• Adjustable straps for a universal and secure fit• Fabricated from flexible material with a four-way stretch• Nontoxic and breathable• Manufactured in the United States from materials sourced in the U.S.A• US and foreign patents pending• Meets the FDA Emergency Use Authorization EUA requirements and in accordance with the CDC recommendations as per FDA letter 24 April• PPI manufacture is a US-based medical device manufacturer (FDA registration # 1026765) with dedicated Americans who use US-based raw materials in their NW Florida locationMicrobeCare™ Features• MicrobeCare™ is an EPA registered clinically tested antimicrobial• MicrobeCare™ technology permanently bonds the antimicrobial to any fabric• MicrobeCare™ is proven to be effective against a broad spectrum gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, Yeast• Non-leaching type antimicrobial that is safe for the environment• MicrobeCare™ registered trademark of Parasol Medical

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