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6000XL Posey SkinSleeves® Protector - X-Large

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The 6000XL Posey SkinSleeves® Protector - X-Large is recommended for patients with fragile skin prone to tears and abrasions; patients who disrupt IV and/or wound sites. The versatile non-compression skin covering that offers a discreet way to protect your patient's fragile skin from tears, bruises and abrasions. SkinSleeves™ protectors are intended to fit as a comfort product. Actual fit will depend on individual anthropometric measurements and patient comfort level. Posey regular Skinsleeves™ protector will stretch up to 100% in size (combination of both width and length). Padded sizes have limited stretchability.Features & Benefits:- Helps prevent patient disruption of medical treatments by camouflaging IV sites and wound sites- Helps protect thin, fragile skin tissue- Offers a protective barrier against skin tears and abrasions- Knitted from latex-free soft cotton/nylon/spandex four-way stretch yarn- Models available with two different skin tone colors or with extra padding- SkinSleeves™ protector for the arm is also available with sewn-in pressure absorbing pads positioned at the elbow bony prominences- Features color-coded sizing bands- Machine washable

Prod Spec Prod Spec Value
SKU 6000XL
Size X
Color Band Blue
Skin Color Light
Style Regular
Length 20" (51 cm)
Fits Limb Circum. 13" (33 cm)
Pkg. 1 pair

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