Complete Cordless Bed Exit Monitoring System

Category: Aids to Daily Living

Manufacturer: Smart Caregiver Corp.

This Complete Cordless Bed Exit Monitoring System includes a Portable Cordless Monitor paired with a Cordless 10” x 30” Weight-Sensing Bed Sensor Pad and is designed to alert caregivers when an at-risk individual attempts to leave their bed without assistance.  The Bed Sensor Pad is positioned on top of the mattress, under the fitted sheet and beneath the upper torso of the at-risk individual.  When that individual attempts to vacate the bed, removing pressure from the sensor pad, a wireless signal is transmitted to the portable caregiver monitor, which alerts audibly and visually to notify caregivers that assistance is required. 

Features & Benefits:

- Monitor can be placed up to 300 feet away from the resident, allowing to remove startling alarm noise from room and create a quiet and secure environment for each resident
- Monitor alerts with audible chime and bright blinking red light
- Features a Low-Medium-High volume control
- System comes pre-programmed and is ideal for home or facility use
- Battery Operated (3-C Included)
- Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-04) - Retail Packaged

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