Complete Corded Bed Exit Monitoring System

Category: Aids to Daily Living

Manufacturer: Smart Caregiver Corp.

The Basic Fall Monitor with reset button and bed bracket is ideally placed at the bedside and then connected to a corded weight-sensing bed pad capable of alerting the caregiver when an individual gets up and weight is removed from the pad.

The Basic Fall Monitor is a low cost – no frills fall prevention monitor. It is a Full-Function, Low-Cost fall alarm monitor. 

This monitor and weight-sensing bed pad are for nursing homes or any home or facility with a tight budget. It is made of durable plastic and includes simple features including nurse call port to connect to existing nurse call systems. It will automatically reset when a resident places weight back on a bed or chair pad.

• Battery Operated (1-9 Volt, Not Included) or optional AC Power Adapter (AC-02)
• 1-Year Warranty
• Bed pad- 10"x30", Silver Lining, 1-Year Warranty 
• Unique SafeTRelease™ Cord separates instead of breaking or pulling cord away from the pad                                                                

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