Rehab Specialty Equipment

Ki Mobility :: Focus CR

Focus CR

Welcome to Complex Rotation. A system that utilizes two control paths with two different centers of rotation to minimize the problems that result from the inevitable misalignment between the center of gravity of the system and a single rotation point. ...

Kaye Products :: Posture Control Walker - 'B' Frame

Posture Control Walker - 'B' Frame

This 'B' Frame walker provides extra drag for users who cannot manage a walker that rolls forward as they shift their weight forward.   The walker features two wheels in the front of the walker and two wheels in the rear of the ...

Kaye Products :: Posture Rest Walker - 'H' Frame

Posture Rest Walker - 'H' Frame

This walker style, which includes a seat that easily folds up and down, is helpful to users who have low endurance or users who are in environments where they transition between walking and sitting often.