Customer Service Representative

  • Category: CSR - SB
  • Location: South Bend, IN
  • Status: FT
  • Posted: 1/7/2019

Job Description:
Responsible for inside sales and is a resource person, greeter and representative of Alick's to each and every individual entering or calling the store.  Maintains a broad knowledge base of general home medical items, products and/or services available and can effectively provide information and demonstrate the same to the customer.  Is proficient in order entry and computer use as well as in the understanding of payer resources and reimbursement methods.  Routinely utilizes the telephone and paging system in a pleasant and professional manner.  Works with the router, service technicians, and other staff to ensure efficient and timely service to customers.  Is a customer advocate and remains aware of any service abilities and limitations.

Reporting Relationship

Branch Manager

Scope of Supervision


Essential Functions

Greets customers promptly and courteously.Remains professional and resourceful when assisting customers by telephone or in person.

Provides product and funding information to customers.Utilizes support and licensed staff in areas of his/her expertise.

Completes order intake by computer access and/or manual form.Determines order urgency, establishes the payer source(s), and informs customers of payment responsibilities and schedules appropriate delivery.

Provides customers with accurate information regarding equipment use, including safety issues and limitations, funding considerations, 3rd party funding coverage, delivery schedules and company billing practices.

Knowledgeable regarding appropriateness of accepting assignment for various third party payers, medical and other documentation requirements, returns/refunds, repairs, therapist visits and inventory procedures.

Completes customer payment transactions as required.

Initiates and completes appropriate order paperwork and/or computer entry, gathers needed information for supporting medical necessity, Prior Authorization or Certificates of Medical Necessity (CMN's), checks criteria for funding and reimbursement.

Ensures that service is rendered with necessary aspects of the order being verified pursuant to company protocol or approved by supervisor.This includes, but may not be limited to, physician prescriptions (verbal, written, or electronic) detailing desired products or services, insurance verification for the order and delivery capability to the specific customer.

Confirms orders in a timely manner, when appropriate, per company policy.Periodically reviews open orders to ensure service completion and prompt confirmation billing.Is mindful of importance of accuracy and completeness of tasks to promote timely reimbursement.

Maintains customer confidentiality and business privacy.Is knowledgeable and follows all HIPAA guidelines.Maintains total trust and dignity of the customer when assisting with his/her needs.

Attends to customer compliments and complaints.Resolves customer complaints promptly.Forwards completed compliment, complaint and/or incident forms as required.

Assumes on-call responsibilities and Saturday rotation as required.

When assigned "lead" role for Saturday rotation, is responsible for the timely opening and closing of the store.Answers questions for customer service staff as needed.

Remains current with new medical products available through company in-services, on-line resources and available catalogs.

Participates in continuing education programs and/or in-services appropriate to job responsibilities or as required.

Performs related responsibilities and other duties as required or directed.

Minimum Qualifications

Demonstrates strong communication skills both orally and written.

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Prior medical related job experience preferred.

Knowledge of insurance reimbursement and billing processes preferred.

Prior HME experience preferred.

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